Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Management reserves the right to refuse or limit any wager.
  2. We will not accept wagers on events posted with obvious line errors. Management also reserves the right to cancel any wager made on an obvious "bad line" due to software or human error.
  3. Achaubet.lv Sportsbook, Casino, & records all wagers by computer. Any disputes over wagers will be resolved by the tape recording of the transaction.
  4. The "READ BACK IS FINAL". When the betting clerk reads back the wager, and the bettor confirms it with the account number and password, there is a wager. It is the bettor's responsibility to listen to the read back and correct any errors.
  5. No bet may be cancelled, changed, or modified by the bettor, once it has been accepted in the Sportsbook, via phone or the internet. It is the bettor's responsibility to check and assure the accuracy of the wagers placed on the internet. Internet wagers are not guaranteed until confirmation, and cannot be changed afterwards. If the player has any concerns regarding wagers placed on the internet, they should check online in the "pending bets" section of the sportsbook.
  6. The minimum wagering limits are $25 over the phone, $2 on the internet.
  7. Casino software is ONLY compatible with Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. Achaubet.lvcannot take responsibility for any glitches caused by playing casino games with a different browser.
  8. All winnings will be credited to that player's Sportsbook & Casino account, and all losses will be deducted from the same account.
  9. Nevada Gaming Commission rules and regulations, payoffs and wager types always apply.

Account Information

  1. Your personal data will be treated confidentially and is for internal use only.
  2. A player must be at least 18 years of age to wager in the Sportsbook or Casino.
  3. Achaubet.lv does not report winnings of individuals to any government agencies. It is the responsibility of members to report any income from wagering to their respective government agencies.
  4. It is the Customer's responsibility to keep his password secure. Achaubet.lv cannot be held responsible for unauthorized use of an account by people with access to correct account information and passwords.

Know Your Customer

  1. We do not accept any customers from Costa Rica, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland. This means that if you live in these countries (either as a citizen, resident, are working in the country with a visa, or live there as a tourist), you are not welcome to play at Achaubet.lv. Accounts from these countries (or those that are accessed from them on a REGULAR basis), will be closed. Funds will be frozen, and the management's decision on the account's status will be final.
  2. Winnings from accounts that are accessed by robots will not be honored. Any device, whether it is a script, program, robot, etc. that is used to access our website to 'scrape lines,' place wagers, or engage in any other automated activity will be viewed as cheating. This will result in the immediate closure of the account. Because we offer our lines on our homepage, you are always more then welcome to simply view them there if you do not wish to log into your account, but still want to access our lines.
  3. The use of phone "spoofing" devices will result in the closure of accounts, and the possible forfeiture all funds, fees, and bonuses. Any device used to block the true identity of the account holder is not accepted. If you use Skype, we still require a valid landline or cell phone to reach you for verification. If you would not wish to receive regular phone calls at your listed number, we certainly understand. Please notify us.
  4. The use of IP masking, proxies, or any method that can hide your IP is not permitted. The use of such techniques can result in the forfeiture of any winnings and bonuses. Any method for the purpose of hiding your IP is viewed as a violation of this rule.
  5. First Fidelity takes a zero-tolerance stance on "bearding." A 'beard' is a friend or acquaintance or other contact used to place bets so that the bookmaker will not know the true identity of the actual bettor. Only ONE account is allowed per person. Management reserves the right to make final decisions regarding bonuses. Valid identification may be required to claim bonuses in order to prevent abuse of the bonus system. Situations such as multiple customers living in the same house, or people using the same computer will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by management. There is only one voice allowed per account. The account holder must be the only one to call in for bets, payouts, deposits, etc. Management may also suspend internet wagering if the account is suspected to have multiple users. It is always in the player's best interest to notify the company before such events take place. If it is discovered that an account is actually a 'beard' for another player, the account will be closed and winnings, fees, and bonuses will be debited. The deposit may be returned to the beard only after the beard and the true account holder have come forward. Again, any bearding, to abuse bonuses, circumvent limits, or create credit card fraud, etc. will NOT be tolerated. The name, address, phone number, and email of the account holder must be real, verifiable, and belong to the account holder.
  6. All Buddy referrals must have verifiable account information.
  7. Customers deemed to be bonus abusers will not eligible for bonuses in the future. However, you may be welcome to play at Achaubet.lv without a bonus. Customers deemed to be bonus abusers are not eligible for special promos or poker tournament bonuses as well.
  8. Casino/Poker: No chip dumping allowed. No player collusion allowed.
  9. In the event of fraudulent documentation received, stolen cards used and/or any other type of fraud discovered in the accounts the company will reserve the right to retain available balance in the account.
  10. Customers must provide the paper work requested in order to prove credit card ownership and identity. Sensitive information, will not be reveal or sold to third party companies.

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