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  1. Only for regular season.
  2. To be eligible customers must make at least a $100 deposit to their account, each month in which they’d like to participate in the NFL Handicapping contest.
  3. Must have at least $50 wagered for the month to collect the monthly prize.
  4. Must make at least 8 sports plays per month in order to participate. Live betting wagers do not count.
  5. ONE ENTRY PER CUSTOMER. Customers using multiple accounts to play will be disqualified. Customers with Youwager or Wager7 and Betpop accounts can only use one.
  6. Customers must make 6 selections per week.
  7. Recreational players only.


Each week (a week for us goes by the Official Don Best rotation schedule) you can make up to 6 selections off the entire NFL board (sides only).

This means you can make any of the following:

				No Selection
				1 Selection
				2 Selections
				3 Selections
				4 Selections
				5 Selections
                6 Selections

You can only make 1 selection per team. You cannot choose the same team for all 6 selections. Each selection MUST be unique.

				ATS Win	1 Point
				ATS Loss	-1 point
				Push	0 points
				Missing Selections	-1 point


Keep in mind that a ATS Loss is -1 point. If you end the week with 5 wins and a loss you earn only 4 points.

5 wins -1 loss = 4 points

Every 4 weeks of the regular NFL season, the top 5 spots will be paid:

  • Lines are static.
  • Lines in the handicapping contest may not reflect actual betting lines.
  • Lines go up Tuesday and come down 12:45 PM EST on Sunday.
  • Games that fall outside the normal Sunday-Monday range will come down 15 minutes before game time on the day of the game.

Prize Breakdown

The prize pool is $15,000 (free play)

Monthly prize distribution:

  1. $1,000
  2. $500
  3. $400
  4. $200
  5. $100

2021-2022 Handicap Winner

  1. $3,000
  2. $1,000
  3. $700
  4. $500
  5. $300
  6. $200
  7. $100
  8. $50
  9. $25
  10. $15

Note: Only the top 5 players are paid, not the position in the contest.

If 4 players are tied for second place, they would take up the prize pool spots 2-5. The prize money will be added for these spots and divided amongst the tied players. It is possible to come in "5th place" and not make the final cut if there are many players tied in the 1st through 4th spot.

If you have any questions please address them to

Commenting on the Message Board is a Privilege NOT a Right

  • The contest doesn't require you to comment and/or interact with other players. If you can't comment that doesn't mean you can't play.
  • If you can't follow the rules of the forum you will lose your posting privileges.
  • Posting privilege decisions and rule enforcement is at Management discretion and decisions are not subject to review.
  • Any questions, comment, or problem regarding the message board please contact CS at and allow 24 hours for a response.

Do NOT Share Personal Information

  • No last names.
  • No phone numbers.
  • No account numbers or passwords.
  • If you want to talk about your location you should keep it general

Be Civil Towards One Another

  • Obscene language can get you banned.
  • Racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. comments are not tolerated. Violations will result in the loss of posting privileges and possible disqualification from the contest.
  • Keep the conversation on sports and/or betting. No politics, no religion, etc.
  • No advertising for products of any kind. No tout services, line service, stat services, or services of any kind. There is immediate disqualification for anyone who violates this rule.
  • The message board is not monitored regularly by Customer Service and is not a substitute for sending an email or calling in. Don't post Account issues here, contact Customer Service via one of the standard methods.
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