Player Props Builder

Create and then bet on your own customized player props
Bet on all you can think about and custom your bets with the new Player Props, a cool and easy to use feature that gives players the chance to build their own prop bets. With’s Player Props, bettors have the freedom to combine stats and even make cross sports bets & parlays. You can choose multiple leagues (NBA, MLB, NFL, Soccer, etc.), players, categories, and stats, and place your bets several days in advance, so put the oddsmaker hat on and start making your own lines and bets!

Player Props Features:

  • Customized bet creation - bet on exactly what you want
  • Create parlays with the props
  • Create your own head to head matchups with players - even cross-game
  • Track performance of bets in real-time (My Bets)
  • More betting options (players, statistics and bet types) available than any other provider

For additional information as well and to know more about the existing rules and regulations, please click here.

Here’s how you can make your own prop bets!

The first step is to select the league or sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, SOCCER, etc.) and then pick the player(s) and teams. Once that has been done, the Player Prop builder gives the option to select one player take two players going up against another in a head to head showdown or team together to reach a collective goal (Total points scored, rebounds or total assists).

Make your first bet risk free!!

Ready to start making your own props? Try our Player Props builder and get your first bet reimbursed if you lose thanks to our Can’t Lose Bet promo. All you need to do is log in to your account, start using the Player Props and if you lose your first bet, then we will automatically put the money back in your account!